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With the new True Light Fellowship Cashback Shopping and Travel Portal, you can shop at the same stores you shop at normally, get the best deals and on top of that, earn Cashback from among the world’s leading online stores with each purchase. In addition, with every purchase you make True Light Fellowship benefits as well! Just continue to do what you are already doing and give at the same time, it’s a winning combination! We have partnered with DubLi who has relationships with thousands of online merchants and travel companies from around the world that pay DubLi commissions based on the products you buy and we pass these commissions right back to you in the form of Cashback. Shop for all your favorite products in our shopping malls! Our new Mall features thousands of brand name stores from all corners of the globe! You can book all your travel-related needs through our Travel Portal—flights, hotels, car rental, exclusive vacation packages, leisure services and other travel-related products and services. The program serves all of your travel needs and pays you Cashback on each of your bookings! Join for FREE and earn Cashback on every purchase you make in our Shopping Mall and Travel portal. Cashback amounts are clearly specified throughout the website. Remember to log in before you make a purchase, and you’ll receive all your Cashback rewards! Upgrading to the exclusive Premium Membership entitles you to an additional 4% Cashback annually! When you purchase the elite-level V.I.P. Membership, you will earn the highest possible percentage: 6% additional Cashback, paid to you on a monthly basis! DubLi’s travel and shopping mall teams scour the globe to locate the best deals and special offers for you and provide exclusive coupon codes and access to valuable merchant promotions. Combining these special coupons and promotions with Cashback provides truly astounding savings. Many credit card companies and retailers offer incentives for using their credit cards. These programs come with hefty strings attached making them seem less appealing the longer you use them. Conversely, Cashback programs can actually help eliminate the clutter of other incentive-based programs. With our program you shop for things you need and get paid to do it, no strings attached. The Cashback you earn from using our program is in addition to any cash or rewards your earn from your credit card company. Cashback programs allow you earn cash on the same every day purchases you are making already any way. Whether you need a flight to Europe or a new sweater for your sister’s birthday, Cashback programs enable you to get paid for buying things you already need. Unlike an incentive program offered by major retailers or credit card companies, Cashback programs aren’t based on quotas. You don’t need to buy 10 items to save 15%. Instead, you can earn money on every purchase. Not only will your shopping be easier but the annual savings can add up to thousands of dollars a year for your family! Now is the time to make the Light Fellowship ONLINE SHOPPING portal your one-stop source for travel, shopping and entertainment to help you live the lifestyle you deserve! The motto of our new program is Better Deals, More Cashback. Take advantage and start shopping now!